Huckleberrys Bar & Grill


TEXAS TOAST (V) Rubbed with garlic, topped with spicy mex cheese £3.40
CHICKEN WINGS 1 lb £7.90
Soaked in buttermilk & finished in corn dust & covered in a choice: BBQ Jack Kansas - City smoke - Have mercy (hot) - or just have them with no sauce
LOADED NACHOS (V) Tortilla chips topped with mature cheddar cheese, spicy Mexican cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, red jalapenos & cilantro £5.20
Pulled Pork £3.50
Brisket £4.50
6 Hour Chilli £3.50
HALF BABY BACK MOPPED RIBS Slow & low & mopped in Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £11.40
MAC N CHEESE (V) "ain't nothing better" Made to our own recipe rich with cheese & butter £4.00
DIRTY MAC & CHEESE "ok everything's better with bacon" House mac n cheese with bacon & caramelised onions £4.70
MAC BALLS (V) "juggling not recommended " House mac rolled in corn dust & deep fried £4.70
CORN ON THE COB (V) look, a vegetable!! Brushed with spicy chipotle butter, finished on the pit grill £2.80
CUP OF MEX BEANS (V) Spicy beans topped with sour cream & cilantro £4.30
BOSTON BEANS Classic 4 hour cook smokey & layered with bacon & mature cheddar finished with Monterey Jack cheese £4.70
ONION STRAWS (V) Soaked in buttermilk, covered in corn dust £3.20
CAJUN FRIES (V) Cajun house mix £3.30
SWEET POTATO FRIES (V) Sweet & crispy, you just gotta £3.50
HOUSE SLAW (v) £2.20
Our steaks are exclusively cut for Huck's & are 28 days mature. All the following are served with a choice of regular Joe fries, Cajun fries or sweet potato fries.
NY STRIP 10 OZ* Chef recommends rare £19.50
TOMAHAWK 14 OZ* (SHORTBONE) Chef recommends medium £23.40
KANSAS CITY CHICKEN "so good Dorothy left Oz for it" Buttermilk chicken tossed in corn dust, topped with cheese ,onion straws & Kansas city sauce filled with bacon, Mex cheese, red pepper & mushrooms £15.40
CAJUN SALMON Salmon fillet smothered in our house Cajun mix £14.00
Our rubs and sauces are made by us & we prepare all meats in house. We can run out of meats at times but that's the nature of our menu….
Add fries & slaw for just £2.00
Add sweet potato or Cajun fries & slaw for £3.50
Then add as much meat as you can eat
BRISKET 32 HOUR USDA BLACK ANGUS Melts in your mouth £8.70 / £15.30
BOSTON BUTT 24 HR BBQ PULLED PORK Cooked slow n low, pit blasted with Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £7.70 / £13.30
18HR BABYBACK RIBS HALF / FULL Cooked slow n low & mopped with Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £11.40 / £18.50
JACOB'S LADDER Grass fed dry rubbed beef rib with Huck's Kansas BBQ sauce £22.00
CHICKEN SKEWERS Buttermilk chicken glazed with one of our sauces £9.90
Choose from: BBQ Jack - Kansas city smoke - Have mercy - Sweet jalapeno jelly
CHICKEN WINGS 1 LB* Of buttermilk soaked wing finished on corn dust £7.90
Smothered in a sauce of your choice: BBQ Jack - Kansas city smoke - Have mercy
TORTILLAS (v) £1.50
Po Boy's are served in toasted brioche with house mayo, lettuce, red onion & tomato. Our chicken breasts are soaked in buttermilk for added flavour all come with regular Joe fries and house slaw.
NAKED BIRD Simply corn dusted covered crispy chicken £9.10
ANGRY BIRD Crispy corn dusted chicken covered with our have mercy sauce £10.90
FILTHY BIRD Crispy chicken, bacon, onion rings, Monterey Jack cheese & Huck's Kansas city BBQ sauce £11.90
NOTORIOUS P.I.G. BBQ pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese, pickles & Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £10.60
HOLY JALAPENO BIRD Corn dusted crispy chicken with house sweet jalapeno jelly £10.90
BEEFY'S BRISKET Huck's brisket with pickles, Mont Jack cheese and Huck's Kansas city BBQ sauce £11.90
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Sweet potato fries £2.00
Cajun fries £1.50
Chicago style smoked frankfurter served in a 10" artisan brioche sub. All hot dogs are served with regular Joe fries & house slaw.
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Sweet potato fries £2.00
Cajun fries £1.50
FAIRGROUND Caramelised onion, ketchup & mustard £8.90
MEAN MAMA'S CHILLI DOG Topped with 6 hour chilli, spicy Mex cheese, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream & red jalapenos £11.40
THE DEPUTY DAWG Smothered in Huck's homemade Boston beans & Mont Jack cheese £10.40
PIG OUT Covered in BBQ pulled pork, onion straws, Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £10.40
Sliders are served in a toasted brioche bun with house mayo, lettuce, tomato & red onion.
THE NAKED COW It's all about the beef! £3.90
CHEESY COW Add Monterey Jack cheese £3.90
LITTLE MOO 4oz Beef patty topped with onion straws, Mont Jack & BBQ sauce £3.90
PIGGY SMALLS BBQ pulled pork, Mont Jack cheese & Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £3.90
ANGRY CHICKEN Corn dusted chicken with our hot have mercy sauce £3.90
TIMID CHICKEN It's all about the chicken! £3.90
All our burgers are served in a toasted brioche bun with house mayo, lettuce, red onion, tomato & pickles.
Our bread is exclusively baked for us by the Welbeck Bakehouse. The 100% beef patties are 8oz and hand made, seasoned with salt & pepper. Burgers are served with regular Joe fries and house slaw.
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Sweet Potato Fries £2.00
Cajun Fries £1.50
HUCKS CLASSIC Beef patty, bacon & Monterey Jack cheese £11.80
FILTHY COW Beef patty, onion straws, Monterey Jack cheese, Huck's BBQ Jack sauce £12.90
THE REAL BIG MAC (I'm lovin it! please don't sue) Beef patty, dirty mac, bacon & Monterey Jack cheese £14.80
NEARLY VEGAN BURGER (V) Sautéed garlic mushrooms, onion straws, & Monterey Jack cheese £10.20
HILLY BILLY CHILLI BURGER Beef patty, 6 hour chilli, spicy Mex cheese, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream & red jalapenos £14.60
BLOO MOOOOO…… Beef patty, topped with blue cheese & bacon £13.50
WIDOW MAKER 2 Beef patty's, bacon, onion ring & Monterey Jack cheese £15.80
SWISS MELT Beef patty, sautéed garlic mushrooms & Monterey Jack cheese £12.90
BOSS HOG Beef patty, BBQ Jack pulled pork, Monterey Jack cheese & Huck's BBQ jack sauce £13.70
Add a beef patty £3.50
Add a chicken breast £2.90